Renske Schilt is a passionate artist. In a short time, she learned to paint masterly.  Her work is inspired by the aesthetics of classical realism, in which ‘beauty’ is leading motif.  She descripes painting like writing poetry. Visual poetry wherein every element; motif, vorm, line, color etc, is composed to form a visual poem. 

Renske specialised herself in in painting portraits. In her refined way, making use of classical and alla prima techniques, she gives the onlooker an intimate view of the portayed.

Besides painting portraits, she has a new passion for painting and drawing landscapes and flowers. In these works she experiments with  free brushstrokes, drawing and motif.




2021- Nominee for  De Nederlandse Portretprijs ( Dutch Portrait Award)

2021- Exhibition ‘Onder de Aandacht’ from KunstNonStop Hengelo